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10 key features of the QEWD framework

NodeJS based framework

Imagine all the benefits of Node.js: one language and technology for both front-end and back-end development, plus its outstanding performance; BUT without the concerns of concurrency and heavy CPU processing, AND with high-level database abstractions: that’s what the QEWD framework is designed to deliver.

JSON oriented

The world of software has now begun to leverage JSON to do all sorts of amazing things. JSON is literally everywhere. We love the beautiful power and simplicity of JSON. QEWD is built to leverage JSON in some many many ways.. take a look inside.


Integration Framework

QEWD provides an ideal integration framework for todays web developer. Leveraging the power of NodeJS and the simplicity of JSON its amazing what QEWD can connect together. The npm ecosystem is one dimension, the diversity of JSON oriented libraries is another. There is so much to be connected..

Integrated Session Cache

While QEWD aims to be super simple to get started, its aimed at speed and power. Leveraging the power of Redis (along with other options) QEWD includes a super fast session cache. Very useful and increasingly needed in todays complex web applications.


Integrated Message Queue

QEWD- Queue.. yes there is a connection, a key connection. QEWD includes a native super fast message queue.. Built with a main/worker process queue architecture, the master process/queue is non blocking and highly scalable.

REST, Ajax & Web Socket APIs

REST API ready - the JSON nature of QEWD is ready for any API requirement you've got. Ajax APIs - covered. In addition and by way of some work we've done earlier, its handles Web Sockets natively too.


GraphQL support

JSON, Databases, Data Schemas, Queries etc.. if you're in this game you'll have picked up on the power of GraphQL. We like it and we support it.. its a natural fit.

Rapid Development

Building on years of development, QEWD has been crafted with ease of use in mind. QEWD - Quick Enterprise Web Development RealWorld web application.. 1 man, 2 days..


Solid, Secure & Scalable

JSON Web Tokens (JWT), OAuth2, OpenID Connect - ready. QEWD: Quality Enterprise Web Development: Built for the Enterprise - where solid, secure and Scalable matter.

Open Source

Open Sourced to the world under an Apache 2 license. Get involved. Submit an issue/bug on Github. Fork Us & Submit a Pull Request.



The 5 Whys of QEWD


Integration Framework.. Ready, Willing & Able

The world is a complex place. The web is a complex place. Applications, APIs, Databases- how to join them all up?

QewdJS has been built to do many things.

#1 : Integration Framework.

If you need to join this UI framework to that Database, QewdJS may be just the web integration framework you need. While there are a wide range of integration technologies out there, few if any can balance a quick start with a scalable solution, none ideal for the web.
QewdJS offers an integration framework that can integrate the UI components you need with the APIs you want and the Database you use..

QewdJS: Integration framework.. perfect for your web integration challenge… ready, willing and able.



You want to get started – today, now. Lets go.

More than anything as a developer you want to get started quickly. We know you want to get started with something Quick and Easy. We know that, we’ve been there too.

QewdJS gets you up & running quickly.

Take a look at the RealWorld QEWDjs application built in 2 development days.

1 dev- 2 days.


This stuff needs to be fast and furious. Fit for an Enterprise

So Quick and Easy is nice, but what about scale?

This stuff needs to be built on quality and fit for the Enterprise.

QewdJS is a framework built for Quality Enterprise Web Development.

Quality technology fit for the Enterprise – built to be superfast, solid, secure and scalable. QewdJS is the result of 10 years of Web Development- for the Enterprise. It just so happens to be called Qewd . JS


Did somebody say JavaScript? The language of the web

When the web began, JavaScript was for the UI hackers. But hold on, isn’t that the tech that now powers the Enterprise?

Yep, QewdJS stuff is built to leverage NodeJS.. and improve it!

Javascript and JSON are taking over the world of development. We love the colourful diversity of the Javascript/JSON world. QewdJS leverages NodeJS & JSON and adds to the JS mix.

QewdJS: NodeJS based Development & Integration – see what this Swiss-Army knife tech can do..


The 21st Century is open, like it or not. We’re sharing our work with the world.

Open Source refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly and freely accessible.

This technology rocks. So why not give it to the world.. done.

Open Source has 3 key virtues

  • Unconstrained innovation – ideas and ambitions can be shared by folk who are oceans apart
  • Transparent credibility -allowing immediate detailed scrutiny immediately boosts credibility
  • Decentralized control – amendments and improvement can come from the bottom up


Get involved ...

Google Groups

You can ask questions on our QEWD Google Group


Submit Issue, Bug or Pull Request at QEWD on GitHub